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Concert Board Mission

It is our mission to educate, inspire and entertain the UAF campus and our local community.

Want to Join Concert Board?

Each year there are several appointments to the UAF Concert Board. If you are interested in being on the board contact the office at 474-6026 for more information. Appointments come from the following:

ASUAF Senate, ASUAF President, Media Board, CB Advisor, Nanook Traditions Board, and one hired chair.

Bylaws are available here:


Come help us set up and take down for almost any concert in exchange for free admission! As we often have many volunteers, please contact Cody Rogers ASAP to ensure availability.


Cody Rogers
email: cody.rogers@alaska.edu
or call: (907) 474-6026

Get Involved!

For the SPRING 2015 semester, the board meets Wednesday at 4:00PM-5:00PM in Wood Center Offices Conference Room.

Meetings are open to all students to attend.

Concert Board Members


(updated: 8/26/2014)

  • Chair:Allie Bateman
  • Senate Appointed: 
  • Nanook Traditions Board Appointed: Daniel Nero
  • Media Board: Eli Barry-Garland
  • Advisor appointed: Michael Willis
  • ASUAF President Appointed: Karissa Amador
  • Advisor: Cody Rogers

Concert Board Members

Chair: Allie Bateman

Senate Appointed: Kyle Milne

Nanook Traditions Board Appointed: Daniel Nero

Media Board Appointed: Eli Barry-Garland

Advisor Appointed: Michael Willis

ASUAF President Appointed: Karissa Amador

Advisor: Cody Rogers

Contact Information

Contact us at 474-6026 or 474-6029

Or Email uaflivemusic@gmail.com

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