Emeriti recipients

Dr. John Lehman

Professor of Business Administration, Emeritus

Dr. John Lehman has served the University of Alaska Fairbanks with distinction in teaching, research and public service from 1987 to 2011.

He has used his extensive international background and knowledge of different cultures and languages to enrich his teaching; and has with great intellectual vigor addressed challenging subject matter such as ethics, international business and Eastern philosophy; and has introduced innovative technologies to achieve pedagogical goals.

Dr. Lehman has successfully competed for more than two million dollars in corporate and government grants to support his research in electronic publishing, international business, Asian language computational linguistics, and application of Chinese ethical and administrative traditions to current issues; and has published in both English and Chinese journals and made vital contributions at international conferences and programs.

His exemplary service has manifested itself through roles throughout the University and Statewide systems, and on boards of regional and international consortia in his field; and as Director of the Office of International Programs has overseen a tenfold increase in the number of students studying abroad, fostered a thriving international enrollment and developed joint programs with Chinese universities.

The University of Alaska Fairbanks expresses its deep appreciation to Dr. John Lehman for his extensive contributions to both the State of Alaska and the University.

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