Emeriti recipients

Dr. Douglas L. Kane

Professor of Civil Engineering, Emeritus

Dr. Douglas L. Kane served the University of Alaska Fairbanks with distinction in teaching, research and public service from 1971 to 2009.

He has made a significant and lasting impression on the many undergraduates, graduates, staff and junior faculty he mentored during the course of his career; and taught his students a respect for science and engineering by challenging them to think rigorously and fearlessly; and has thus left a legacy of those engineers who have gone on to work throughout the State of Alaska and beyond.

Dr. Kane has become a world-renowned arctic hydrologist who has played an important role in establishing the University of Alaska Fairbanks as a global leader in arctic water research; and is credited as the author, co-author or editor of one hundred refereed publications and more than forty-two other publications and presentations; and was awarded the Can-Am Civil Engineering Amity Award by the American Society of Civil Engineers for exemplary professional activity.

He has provided leadership in a variety of positions at the University, including as Director of the Water and Environmental Research Center for twenty years, as Director of the Institute of Northern Engineering for six years, and as a full Professor of Water Resources and Civil Engineering for twenty-one years.

The University of Alaska Fairbanks expresses its deep appreciation to Dr. Douglas L. Kane for his extensive contributions to both the State of Alaska and the University.

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