Emeriti recipients

Ms. Marjorie L. Illingworth

Associate Professor of Developmental Studies, Emerita

Ms. Marjorie L. Illingworth served the University of Alaska Fairbanks with distinction in teaching, research and public service from 1990 to 2010.

She devoted her career at the University in the area of developmental education before there was a formal program; and was a primary force behind the formation of the Developmental Education Department in 2003.

Ms. Illingworth made significant contributions to her profession through her dedication to improving student success for the University’s at-risk students by creating and teaching courses and programs in the developmental and early-childhood program areas, including the very successful Project College and Career Program at UAF’s Community and Technical College.

Her tireless advocacy for underprepared students was exemplified through her passion for teaching, advising and research; and whose dedication in those areas greatly benefited countless students and the University community in general; and contributed her professional expertise to numerous UAF, community and national committees which she variously and successfully chaired and served.

The University of Alaska Fairbanks expresses its deep appreciation to Ms. Marjorie L. Illingworth for her extensive contributions to both the State of Alaska and the University.

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