Dr. Peter DeCaro

Associate Professor of Communication & Department Chair


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Dr. Jean A. Richey

Assistant Professor of Communication

I joined the Department of Communication Faculty in 2008. I have a Ph.D. in Health Communication from the University of Alaska Fairbanks, M.A. in Professional Communication, and a B.A. in Psychology.

My academic interests include identity con12truction in various contexts, Health Communication, Organizational Communication, Phenomenology and Qualitative Methodology, Interpersonal and Relational Communication, Critical Approaches to Gender Communication, Intercultural Communication, and Communication Theory.

I've lived in Alaska since 1993. During my years in Fairbanks and Juneau (I taught at the University of Alaska Southeast for five years), I've been able to enrich my life through quality interactions with diverse others both in my professional life and my personal life. The beauty and healing nature of Alaska's environment and abundant wildlife never cease to thrill me in my daily life.


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Dr. Karen M. Taylor

Assistant Professor of Communication

I joined the Department of Communication Faculty in 2008, after having lived in six other states and travelled in every single state except for Hawaii.  My Ph.D. is from University of Pittsburgh (with certification in History & Philosophy of Science), my M.A. is from Texas A&M University, and my B.A. is from Tulane University (with a minor in Physics).

My academic interests are primarily in organizational communication.  My research deals with communicating scientific information and the role of communication in knowledge-production. More generally, my interests are pretty eclectic and I like learning new things, so conversations on almost any topic are welcome.


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Dr. Kevin Sager

Assistant Professor of Communication


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Dr. Michael C. Souders

Term Assistant Professor of Communication & Coordinator of the UAF Speaking Center

I joined the Department of Communication this fall after a year as a visiting faculty member at the University of Denver. I earned my Ph.D from the University of Kansas in Communication Studies in 2011. I specialize in the history of rhetoric, contemporary rhetorical theory and criticism, religious rhetorical theory and argumentation in civic culture.

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