College of Natural Science & Mathematics

April 12, 2014

Noon to 3:00 pm

FREE! Fun for all ages

Science Potpourri is a CNSM tradition. For more than 20 years, the free community event has entertained and inspired the Fairbanks community, and it's tons of fun too!

Every April on the second Saturday of the month, families and science fans trek to the Reichardt Building where science displays and experiments thrive around every corner.

Kids of all ages can create floods and earthquakes or watch lava flow and volcanoes erupt.  Events include physics and chemistry demonstrations, Lego robotics, slicing rocks, nitrogen ice cream and making slime. Scientists show the differences between Alaska volcanoes, and those of other places through volcano eruption demonstrations. 

Everyone is welcome to participate in hands-on activities including the water erosion table, making molecules,  Other take home items include fossil impressions that are made with clay, a rock slice, a pet rock, a crystal model and prizes for participating in chemistry and physics demonstrations.

Downloadable Science Potpourri Experiments