College of Natural Science & Mathematics

2012 PhD recipients

Eric Adamson, PhD, Space Physics Thesis: Magnetohydrodynamic Simulations of Plasma Dynamics in the Magnetospheric Cusp Region

Michael Anderson, PhD, Biological Sciences: Biology Thesis: Sources of Variation in the Symbiotic Association Between Alnus and Frankia in Interior Alaska

Jeffrey Benowitz, PhD, Geology Thesis: The Topographically Asymmetrical Alaska Range: Different Tectonic Drivers Through Space and Time

Jessican Coltrane, PhD, Biological Sciences: Wildlife Biology Thesis:  Ecological and Physiological Adaptations of the Porcupine to Winter in Alaska

Maegan Daniello-Weltzin, PhD, Biochemistry/Molecular Biology Thesis:  Investigation of the Allosteric Modulators Desformylflustrabromine and 4-(2-Hydroxyethyl)-1- Piperazineethanesulfonic Acid (Hepes) Interactions on Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors

Matthew Druckenmiller, PhD, Geophysics Thesis: Alaska Shorefast Ice: Interfacing Geophysics with Local Sea Ice Knowledge and Use

Julie Elliot, PhD, Geophysics Thesis: Active Tectonics in Southern Alaska and the Role of the Yakutat Block Constrained by GPS Measurements

Oceana Francis, PhD, Atmospheric Sciences Thesis: Atmospheric Forcing of Wave States in the Southeast Chukchi Sea

Heather Huson, PhD, Molecular Genetics: Interdisciplinary Program Thesis:  Genetic Ancestry Modeling and Performance Association in the Alaskan Sled Dog

Kyle Joly, PhD, Biological Sciences: Wildlife Biology Thesis: Winter Range Studies of the Western Arctic Caribou Herd, Northwest Alaska

Katrina Knott, PhD, Biological Sciences: Biology Thesis:  Contaminant Exposure and Associated Biological Responses in Southern Beaufort Sea Polar Bears

Trixie Lee, PhD, Biology Sciences: Biology Thesis: Expression and Mechanisms of Hibernation in the Arctic: The Alaska Marmot and Arctic Ground Squirrel

Karen Mager, PhD, Biological Sciences: Wildlife Biology Thesis: Population Structure and Hybridization of Alaskan Caribou and Reindeer: Integrating Genetics and Local Knowledge

Irina Mueller, PhD, Biochemistry/Molecular Biology Thesis:  The Effect of Mitochondrial Ultrastructure on Function and Thermal Tolerance in Antarctic Notothenioid Fishes

Marc Mueller-Stoffels, PhD, Physics Thesis: Reversibility of Arctic Sea Ice Retreat – A Conceptual Multi-Scale Modeling Approach

Lola Oliver, PhD, Geology Thesis: Characterization of Permafrost Development by Isotopic and Chemical Analysis of Soil Cores Taken From the Copper River Basin and an Upland Loess Deposit in Interior Alaska

Santosh Panda, PhD, Geology Thesis:  Permafrost Distribution Mapping and Temperature Modeling Along the Alaska Highway Corridor, Interior Alaska

Peter Rinkleff, PhD, Geology Thesis:  Transport and Formation Processes For Fine Airborne Ash From Three Recent Volcanic Eruptions in Alaska: Implications For Detection Methods and Tracking Models

Jennifer Roach, PhD, Biological Sciences: Biology Thesis:  Lake Area Change in Alaskan National Wildlife Refuges: Magnitude, Mechanisms, and Heterogeneity

Maciej Grzegorz Sliwinski, PhD, Geology Thesis: Geochemistry of the Late Devonian ‘Punctata” Event in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin

John Styers, PhD, Computational Aurora Studies: Interdisciplinary Studies Thesis:  An Interdisciplinary Computational Study of Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Coupling and its Visual and Thermal Impact in the Auroral Region

Kenneth Tape, PhD, Biological Sciences Thesis:  Arctic Alaskan Shrub Growth, Distribution, and Relationships to Landscape Processes and Climate During the 20th Century

Caroline Van Hemert, PhD, Biological Sciences: Wildlife Biology Thesis:  Epizootic of Beak Deformities in Alaska:   Investigation of an Emerging Avian Disease

Robert Wilson, PhD, Biological Sciences: Biology Thesis:  Genetic and Phenotypic Divergence Within and Between Cinnamon Teal (Anas Cyanoptera) and Blue-Winged Teal (A. Discors)

Jiang Zhu, PhD, Atmospheric Sciences Thesis:  Investigation on Cirrus Clouds by the Cloud-Aerosol Lidar and Infrared Pathfinder Satellite Observation Data

2012 MS Recipients

Spencer Audie, MS, Biology

Odille Bastille, MS, Mathematics

Matthew Campbell MS, Biology

Amber Churchill, MS, Biology

Dyre Oliver Dammann, MS, Atmospheric Science

Anglea Ekstrand, MS, Geophsics

Louise Farquharson, MS, Geology

Todd Fortun, MS, Environmental Chemistry

Heather Gates, MS, Wildlife Biology

Spencer Giles, MS, Chemistry

Daniella Della-Guistina, MS, Physics

Daniel Glass, MS, Biology

Laura Gutierrez, MS, Wildlife Biology

Brooke Hill, MS, Wildlife Biology

Mary Hogan, MS, Biochemistry/Molecular Biology

Austin Johnson, MS, Geophysics

Patrick Joyce, MS, Environmental Chemistry

Tania Lewis, MS, Wildlife Biology

John Mayfield, Jr., MS, Atmospheric Science

Paula Doubrawa Moriera, MS, Atmospheric Science

Jonathan Nigg, MS, Chemistry

Mitali Patil, MS, Biochemistry

David Roon, MS, Biology

Jozef Slowik, MS, Biology

Lisa Smith, MS, Interdisciplinary Studies

Kevin Stack, MS, Geology

Jean Talbot, MS, Atmospheric Science

Ashley Wallace, MS, Environmental Chemistry

Patrick Wallace, MS, Physics