College of Natural Science & Mathematics

Guidelines for the Use of Human Subjects

Projects involving human subjects require IRB approval. In keeping with National JSHS guidelines, the ASHSSS has adopted the following rules regarding research involving human subjects.

  • No information that could be used to identify a subject (such as subject names or photographs that reveal a subject’s identity) may be included in the student’s abstract, scientific paper, or project presentation.
  • No project may use drugs, food, or beverages in order to measure effects on a person.
  • Projects that involve exercise and its effect on pulse, respiration rate, blood pressure, and so on are approved if a valid normal physical examination is on file with the school (or other sponsoring institution) and provided the exercise is not carried to the extreme.
  • If your research involves administration of questionnaires or surveys, a proper consent from subjects must be obtained. If the questionnaires or surveys are administered in a public school, they must meet the requirements of Alaska State law (see next page) and be approved by your school district (see below).
  • No cultures involving human cultures of any type—mouth, throat, skin, or otherwise—will be allowed.
  • Tissue cultures purchased from reputable biological supply houses or research facilities are suitable.
  • The only human blood that may be used is that which is either purchased or obtained from a blood bank, hospital, or laboratory. No blood may be drawn by any person or from any person specifically for a science project. This rule does not preclude a student making use of data collected from blood tests not made exclusively for a science project. Blood may not be drawn exclusively for a science project.
  • IF THE SUBJECTS ARE STUDENTS, SCHOOL/SCHOOL DISTRICT APPROVAL IS REQUIRED (in addition to IRB approval), even if the research only involves questionnaires or surveys.

    • Fairbanks North Star Borough School District (FNSBSD) students: IRB approval is required before requesting approval from the district. School district guidelines and an application to conduct research can be obtained from: Fairbanks North Star Borough School District Program Planning & Education Department 520 Fifth Ave. Fairbanks, AK 99701 (907) 452-2000
    • Students from other schools/districts: Check your school/district policies and use the appropriate documents to indicate school/district approval for your project.
    • See the next page for Alaska State law regarding questionnaires and surveys administered in public schools.