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ASHSSS Research Project Assignment Schedule - Fall Semester

  • Keep a copy of each assignment and form that you turn in!
  • Refer to the ASHSSS guidelines booklet, as well as individual grading documents, for VERY important details about expectations for each assignment.
  • NOTE that due dates apply even if you do not have this class on that date!
  • If you know you will be absent, you need to turn in assignments in advance.
by Aug. 27 Aug.Conference w/ Teacher (to discuss project ideas & expectations)10
Sept. 3Student/Parent Policies Acknowledgement Form10
Sept. 17Project Idea and Mentor Selection (w/ mentor signature)
Give to your mentor the letter & copy of guidelines, due dates.
by Sept. 24Sept. Conference w/ Teacher (show evidence of progress)
Bring your lab notebook, daily log, and binder.
by Oct. 1
(MUST be
completed before experimentation
Project Plan (w/ mentor signature)
Include all relevant Project Approval Forms required for ASHSSS. (See the ASHSSS guidelines booklet.)
If you think you might participate in the Statewide Science & Engineering Fair, project approval forms for the fair must also be completed before experimentation begins.
Oct. 13Background Research (Notes)25
NOTE: IF your early work is focussed on designing the procedure for your experiment (rather than on background research), you may be able to re-arrange due dates for Background Research, Draft of Introduction, and Draft of Methods & Materials. (You could “exchange” one of these for the other, in the order of assignments & due dates below.) See your teacher in advance if you would like to do this.
by Oct. 22Oct. Conference w/ Teacher (show evidence of progress)25
Oct. 29
[end of 1st Quarter]
Draft of Introduction (written as part of your paper)
Bring your lab notebook, daily log, and binder.
Nov. 10Draft of Methods & Materials (written as part of your paper)40
by Nov. 19Nov. Conference w/ Teacher (to discuss Introduction, Methods, progress)
Bring your lab notebook, daily log, and binder.
by Dec. 3Draft of Results35
by Dec. 3Give a copy of your Draft of Results to your mentor, ask for written -- comments from mentor, and schedule conference w/ mentor....
by Dec. 10
(before conf. w/ teacher)
Conference w/ Mentor (to discuss Draft of Results)
(turn in conference report w/ mentor signature)
by Dec. 10Dec. Conference w/ Teacher (to discuss Draft of Results)
Bring your lab notebook, daily log, and binder.
 Smooth Draft of Paper (w/out abstract) [none late!]
Turn in (w/ Smooth Draft) the previously-graded drafts of:
Dec. 17
[none late!]
  • Introduction (w/ grading worksheet and teacher comments)
  • Methods & Materials (w/ grading worksheet and teacher comments)
  • Results (w/ grading worksheet and teacher comments)
  • Results (w/ mentor comments & signature)



n/aProject topic related to class for which you are doing the project. (optional)
(These “extra” points do not apply to Science Seminar students.)
n/aFirst Semester Total 610
This page taken from ASHSSS Advisor Resources Fall 2004, page 9