College of Natural Science & Mathematics

The Alaska Statewide High School Science Symposium (ASHSSS) is a research, writing and oral intensive program that helps students develop science research, writing, and oral presentation skills. Students complete science research, submit written papers of their projects for technical review and revision and then present the findings to separate panels of judges in one of four categories.

Professor Abel Bult-Ito, Ph.D., directs the program.

Students are able to work with some of the best scientists in their field of interest. Then they can present their results in a scientific setting that, for this level of competition, is as close as students can get to a professional academic science symposium experience.

Past participants have been published in scientific journals, gone on to work toward advanced science degrees, and one was awarded a Rhodes scholarship.   

The ASHSSS program is one of 48 regional affiliates to the National Junior Science and Humanities Symposium.

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L-R, Krissa Davis, Harry Simpson, Brianna Gilmore, Phillip Wilson, Kelly May, Director Abel Bult-Ito
L-R, Krissa Davis, Harry Simpson, Brianna Gilmore, Phillip Wilson, Kelly May, Director Abel Bult-Ito

2013 Winners!

1st Place - Phillip R. Wilson, Thermal Dynamics of Ice on the Tanana River during Mid-Winter, West Valley High School


2nd Place - Kelly May, Repeat Study of “Global Warming, Bergmann’s Rule and Body Size in the Masked Shrew Sorex cinereus Kerr in Alaska,” (Yom-Tov and Yom-Tov, 2005) and Accounting for Age


3rd Place - Brianna Gilmore, Genetic Variation and Speciation in Alaskan Claytonia, West Valley High School


4th Place - Harry Simpson, An Investigation of Voided Biaxial Slab Technology, West Valley High School


5th Place - Krissa Davis (P) & Eva Kowalski, Testing Labeling Laws by the Presence of Genetically Modified Organisms in Corn Products, Petersburg High School


6th Place - Summer Morton (P) & Shania Dahlberg,   Are Moose (Alces alces andersoni) Reproductively Isolated in the Alexander Archipelago of Southeastern Alaska?, Petersburg High School


7th Place - Victoria Wilton, Comparison of Southeastern Alaska Fungal Communities by Forest management Practices and Soil Type, Petersburg High School


8th Place - Nicole Plummer, Academic Difference Between Full-Day and Half-Day Kindergarten , West Valley High School


9th Place - Robert Dylan Smock, Carbon Sequestration: An Attempt to Quantify,  West Valley High School