College of Natural Science & Mathematics

Art in Reichardt

NSF Entryway Murals

NSF Entryway Murals
Artist: Daniel G. DeRoux, Juneau, AK
Material: Painting

The history of science from the big bang until today

West: big bang – 1900      East: 1900 - modern day     Main: BC – today

Daniel DeRoux, was born in Juneau Alaska in 1951and has been painting most of his life. His exhibition record includes many awards in International and National competitions, including; The Flore nce International Biennial Exhibition of Contemporary Art, A Gold Medal for "Most Accomplished Artist" in the Los Angeles International Art Competition, also in that competition he won a Bronze Medal in "Mixed Media" and Certificates of Excellence in Painting and Drawing.   He received "Third Place" in the New York International Art Competition. That same year he took "First Place" in the Calgene West Coast Art Competition in Davis, California. He represented Alaska in the "First Western States Arts Foundation Biennial." He has works in all of the major museums in the State and in numerous corporate collections.

East Wall

East wall image

Artist: Michael C. Anderson, Cordova, AK
Material: Ceramic works

Paleomarine 7

Art relicts based on published fossil record

2nd Floor Benches

2nd floor benches

Artist : varies
Material: Alaskan Birch


Curved and straight benches made of Alaskan birch

West Wall

Artist: Katherine P. Irons, Fairbanks, AK
Material: Paper

Images courtesy of the UA Museum of the North

Science Images taken with the Scanning Electron Microscope

Images of local research conducted at the University of Alaska Fairbanks

2nd Floor Seating Area

Image of art in 2nd floor seating area

Artist : Annie Duffy, Fairbanks, AK
Material: Oil on canvas

Abstract art

3 sets of artwork located in three areas. Annie has also painted Dr. Runcorn’s portrait located in the Runcorn conference room on the third floor of the Natural Sciences Facility.

3rd Floor

Image of art on the 3rd floor

Artist: Pauline Lee
Material: Rocks


Represents the geologic thrust event, collision of rocks

Hanging Art

Image of the hanging art

Artist: Susan Bevins-Ericsen, Qimmiqsak/Ericsen Studios
Material: Painted and textured aluminum with anodized aluminum accents

Alaska Native imagery with contemporary shapes and technological themes

From east to west:

  1. Winter scene: snow, sea life, native mask, polar bear, raven
  2. Climate scene: wind, rain, sun, lightning, aurora
  3. Biology scene: molecules, DNA
  4. Science scene: volcano, dinosaur, ocean, fish, jelly, fish, dragonfly, palm tree, and mask

Susan ‘Qimmiqsak’ Bevins was raised in the Inupiat Eskimo tradition. At age 11 her family moved from the most northerly native village to Anchorage, where she was introduced to the western culture. Her artistic expression draws from childhood memories, interpersonal relationships and spiritual faith, together with values, emotions and conflicts derived from her cross-cultural experiences.