College of Natural Science & Mathematics


Training is an integral part of safety awareness.  General safety training is required upon hire and the core safety training must be completed within 10 days of hire.

Core Training for ALL Employees. Click on the title to go to training session.

New Employee Orientation (1) 
Employee Safety Orientation  
Hazard Communication GHS  
Office Safety (general)  
Slips, Trips and Falls  
Title IX Training   
Training A: Protection of Minors 
Training B: Protection of Minors  
Bullying Awareness Training (2)   
Dept. Emergency Action Plan (3)   
FERPA Training (4)  

Lab Core Training: All lab workers must complete Lab Safety, Chemical Hygiene, and Hazardous. Click here for waste courses. Click here for other lab training options.

To Check Your Training Record: go to, click on INTELEX which is in yellow letters in the bottom right paragraph. Enter UAF log in information.  

Driver Training:    Driver training is required to drive university vehicles. Click here to go to training site. 

Field Trainings:  such as gun safety, aviation safety, etc., may be required for those conducting field research/work.  Speak with your lab manager or safety officer for specifics.                     
Supervisory Training: Must be completed within one year of appointment to a supervisory position. Click here to go to training site..  HR will occasionally provide a condensed supervisory training for faculty members.

(1)   New Employee Orientation will be set up by the Department PPA soon after initial start date.

(2)  The DEAP is Dept/Building Specific and must be completed on an annual basis. For the Reichardt and Building once you’ve read through the DEAP send an email to stating that you you’ve have read the document and state where the emergency access point for the building is. Alternatively, units may discuss the DEAP in a staff meeting or student orientation and send a list of those present for the training to

(3) Bullying Awareness Training is required of all CNSM employees who either supervise OR who oversee/advise TAs, undergraduate student employees, grad students or post-docs.

(4)  FERPA is required of ALL employees with educational/instructional responsibilities and must be completed within 30 days of initially assuming instructional duties and annually thereafter. Office staff working with students or student records should also take FERPA training. If you are on a TA contract, you will not receive your tuition waiver until you can prove to the graduate school that you have completed the FERPA training within the last year (365 days). Print off the completion certificate, or the Grad School can look up your training records.