College of Natural Science & Mathematics


CNSM Safety Training Update:

Every employee at UAF must be safety conscious.  Please review the EHS&RM safety orientation. In addition UAF employees must complete the following General Safety Training sessions.  This is a one time requirement.  Other occupation specific training may also be required.


Training Topic


Availability (location and course)

Office Safety (general)

SkillSoft SAH0458

Hazard Communications

UAF Safety website 

Hazard Communication


UAF Safety website of SkillSoft SAH0424 

Electrical Safety 

SkillSoft SAH0419

Materials Handling

UAF Safety website or Skillsoft SAH0455 

Materials Handling

Back Injury Prevention 

SkillSoft SAH0404

Signs and Tags – Accidents

& Injuries Prevention 

SkillSoft SAH0476

Slips, Trips, & Falls 

SkillSoft SAH0479

Emergency Action Plan 

Department Specific



Environmental Health, Safety and Risk Management web site:

Skillsoft Instructions

Skillsoft - Provides comprehensive e-learning solutions through online courses and web based training. Currently, there are over 100 environmental, health, and safety training topics available. This self-paced program is a great way to accomplish safety training on your schedule. There is a five minute SkillPort flash tour of the program which can be found here to help familiarize you with the program. Once familiar with the program, there are two ways to access the Skillsoft training site:

  1. Log into UAonline (must log into the secured area). The login requires the UA user name or ID number and the MyUA Portal/EDIR password. If you do not know your user name or password, follow the directions on the site or contact your local helpdesk or call center for assistance.
  2. Click on "Employee Services"
  3. Click "Employee E-Learning"
  4. Click on the Skillsoft link; you will see a "Submit" button, click that and you are in!
  5. To access the classes you need, click on "Catalog" (near the top of the page), then click on "Environmental, Safety and Health, and Transportation Curricula." Most, if not all, the classes you require will be found in the "Safety and Health" folder. Click on the safety topic you want and follow the instructions. Additionally, you can take courses from any of the other available curricula as they apply to your actual duties.