Laura Carsten Conner


My research interests include:

  • youth engagement in science in both formal and informal contexts
  • development of science identities among girls
  • building of conceptual knowledge in immersive environments.

As can be seen from my CV, my formal training is in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, and past research interests include sperm competition, mating strategies, and the role of context in trait development among walnut flies.


Recent courses taught or co-taught include:

  • Principles of Ecology
  • Communicating Science
  • Scientific Writing
  • Scientific Teaching
  • Animal Behavior


I am heavily involved in K-12 outreach. Projects that I lead or co-lead include the CASE GK-12 Program, the Alaska Summer Research Academy, the Traveling Planetarium project, and the "Eyes on the Arctic" K-12 climate change program. I also serve as the project evaluator for the NSF-funded "Girls on Ice" program.

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