College of Liberal Arts

CLA fosters a broad range of teaching, scholarship, research and creativity for faculty and students. As part of America ’s arctic university, we support the understanding of Alaska and the circumpolar region in a changing global context. The liberal arts provide learning opportunities beyond the classroom that build responsibility, involvement and commitment to place. A liberal arts education helps people make better livings and live better lives.

Looking for options? Look no further. At the UAF College of Liberal Arts (CLA), you can learn to be a social worker or a pianist, a journalist or a psychologist, a criminal justice professional or a creative writer, a political scientist or an Alaska Native language specialist. And if you can’t make up your mind just yet, this is the place to explore choices and discover your passion in life. Opportunities abound for research, creative projects and performance. You don’t need to major in theatre to act in a drama production, in music to play the steel drums, or in anthropology to help dig an Alaskan site. Through CLA, you can extend your learning by becoming involved in community internships, international exchanges and other activities that help you become a responsible, informed and committed citizen.

Students in the College of Liberal Arts have wide opportunities to develop a breadth of knowledge in and across the arts, humanities, social and behavioral sciences, and to gain more advanced expertise in specific areas of concentration.

College of Liberal Arts core courses provide foundational education for all UAF undergraduates, and liberal arts undergraduate and graduate programs ground students in traditional disciplinary and interdisciplinary fields of study. With 33 majors and minors, and numerous graduate degrees (M.A., M.F.A. and Ph.D.)

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Collaborative Arts Council: The College of Liberal Arts Collaborative Arts Council is an organization made up of faculty from across the arts whose aim is to support the creative endeavors of students, staff, and faculty. The Council sponsors visits to campus by artists and speakers, and provides student awards.