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Degree Requirements*
*The UAF Chukchi Nursing program is offered through a cooperative agreement with UAA and these requirements are based upon the degree requirements. Therefore, for degree requirements, it is important for students to follow the current UAA Catlog of Studies after August 2011. 

Associate of Applied Science,
Nursing Licensed Practical Nurse Option
Licensed practical nurses may complete the AAS Nursing program in three semesters. Admission to the clinical sequence is selective and determined by a ranking process. Students are encouraged to complete corequisite courses while waiting to qualify for admission to the clinical sequence.

General University Requirements

  1. Complete the General University Requirements for Associates Degrees.
  2. Complete the Associate of Applied Science General Degree Requirements (15 credits). At least 3 of the 6 credits of general requirements must be earned in a social science course.

Major Requirements
Within the LPN Option, licensed practical nurse students returning to school to complete the AAS degree in nursing will be in the LPN Direct Articulation track. LPN Direct Articulation Track Licensed practical nurse students with a current unencumbered Alaska LPN license are eligible for the LPN Direct Articulation track. This track enables the LPN to enter NURS A125/A125L of the AAS nursing program. Upon successful completion of NURS A125 with a C or higher grade, and NURS A125L with a “pass,” the student would be granted UAA course credits for NURS A120 and NURS A120L, for a total of 7 credits. To receive credit, the student must complete the appropriate form and pay an administrative fee per UAA policy.
Note: Any direct articulation LPN student not passing NURS A125/A125L would not receive credit for NURS A120/A120L, and would need to take these courses to continue toward the AAS degree in Nursing.

  • Complete the following required courses:
    • BIOL A111 Human Anatomy & Physiology I 4
    • BIOL A112 Human Anatomy & Physiology II 4
    • BIOL A240 Introductory Microbiology for
    • Health Sciences 4
    • DN A203 Nutrition for Health Sciences 3
    • NURS A180 Basic Nursing Pharmacology 3
    • NURS A220 Perinatal Nursing 3
    • NURS A220L Perinatal Nursing Lab 1
    • NURS A221 Advanced Parenteral Therapy Lab 1
    • NURS A222 Pediatric Nursing 3
    • NURS A222L Pediatric Nursing Lab 1
    • NURS A225 Adult Nursing II 3
    • NURS A225L Adult Nursing II Lab 3
    • NURS A250 Psychiatric Nursing 3
    • NURS A250L Psychiatric Nursing Lab 1
    • NURS A255 Staff Nurse: Legal, Ethical, and
    • Organizational Issues 1
    • PSY A150 Lifespan Development 3
  • Complete electives to total 70 credits. 6
  • A total of 70 credits is required for the degree.

Bachelor of Science, Nursing Science
Registered Nurse Option
For students who hold current licensure as a Registered Professional Nurse in the state of Alaska, the school offers “RN-only” courses and sections within the nursing major designed to build upon the RN’s basic preparation and experience and to facilitate progress in meeting program objectives.
Previous college credits are evaluated for comparability to established requirements within the program and may be accepted for transfer; in addition, credit by examination is available to satisfy some General Education Requirements. Additional information is available upon request.

Major Requirements

  • Support Courses: Complete support courses for the Nursing Science major (44 credits). All support courses must be completed with a grade of C or better prior to admission to
  • 300-level clinical nursing courses:
    • ANTH or ECON* General Education Requirement 3
    • BIOL A111 Human Anatomy & Physiology I 4
    • BIOL A112 Human Anatomy & Physiology II 4
    • BIOL A240 Introductory Microbiology for
    • Health Sciences 4
    • CHEM A103/L Survey of Chemistry/Lab 4
    • CHEM A104/L Introduction to Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry/Lab 4
    • DN A203 Nutrition for the Health Sciences 3
    • ENGL A213 Writing in the Social and Natural Sciences 3
    • PHIL A302 Biomedical Ethics 3
    • PSY A150* Lifespan Development 3
    • PSY or SOC General Education Requirement 3 Reasoning Skills:* 3
    • ENGL A120, or PHIL A101, or PHIL A201
    • STAT A252 Elementary Statistics (3) 3
    • STAT A307 Probability and Statistics (3)
      *Must be in addition to the required General Education Requirements.
  • RN Licensure Credit
    An accepted, degree-seeking UAA nursing student who has successfully passed the National Council Licensing Examination (NCLEX) and has current RN licensure in the state of Alaska may be granted the following UAA course credits (26.5 credits) upon admission to the nursing major:
    • NS A216 Pathophysiology 4
    • NS A309 Pharmacology in Nursing 3
    • NS A303 Foundations of Nursing II 3
    • NS A303L Foundations of Nursing II Lab 5
    • NS A313 Health Disruptions I 3
    • NS A313L Health Disruptions I Lab 3
    • NS A401 Health Disruptions II 3
    • NS A401L Health Disruptions II Lab 2.5
      An administrative fee will be charged for these credits. To receive credits, the student must complete the appropriateform with a nursing advisor. Contact the School of Nursing (907) 786-4550 for further information.
  • Nursing courses for academic credit: Complete the following required nursing courses within the Nursing Science major(34 credits). Courses marked with an asterisk (*) must becompleted with a grade of C or better prior to admission to 400‑level clinical nursing courses.
    • *NS A205 Nursing Informatics 3
    • *NS A305 Health Assessment of Individuals 2
    • *NS A305L Health Assessment of Individuals Laboratory 1
    • *NS A308 Dimensions of Professional Nursing Practice 3
    • *NS A314 Health I for Registered Nurses 2
    • *NS A314L Health I for Registered Nurses Laboratory 2
    • NS A400 Nursing Research 3
    • NS A408 Complex Health Disruptions: Nursing Therapeutics 2
    • NS A408L Complex Health Disruptions: Nursing Therapeutics Lab 2
    • NS A411 Health II: Nursing Therapeutics 3
    • NS A411L Health II: Nursing Therapeutics Lab 3
    • NS A417 Management in Nursing 3
      Nursing electives (upper division) 6, Three credits of nursing elective may be met with a current recognized nursing certification.
  • 3. Complete elective credits to total 126 credits.

LPN to BSN Online Degree

UAA offers an LPN to BSN degree that is 100% online.

Application deadlines are Nov 1 and March 1 of each year.

For more information, please email:

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