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University of Alaska Chukchi
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Academic Programs through Chukchi

Students have several options when it regards getting a undergraduate or graduate degree from Chukchi.

  1. Local courses and/or programs offered locally by UAF Chukchi faculty,
  2. Distance courses and/or academic programs through Chukchi and the UAF College of Rural and Community Development (CRCD) campuses,and/or
  3. Distance courses from UAF main campus (see complete list of UAF programs of study).

If you want to take a class from UAF's main Campus in Fairbanks, you will need to confirm that they offer classes via distance education. If they do not, you will have to enroll and attend classes on UA"s main campus to seek that degree. However, if the program offers classes by distance education (eluminate live, phone conference, video conference, correspondance, etc...), then you can enroll through Chukchi and we can assist you with your enrollment, technical needs, and other academic needs.

If you want to seek an undergraduate or graduate degree from the list of classes to the right (DEGREES OFFERED THROUGH CHUKCHI CAMPUS), the programs are created with distance education in mind. Most of the time, as a result, you should be able to take most of these courses locally from wherever your home is located without ever having to physically attend classes in Kotzebue, Fairbanks, or any other location. You only need to show up at the assigned time using the approved technology for the course (web conference, phone conference, video conference, or correspondance).



Accounting, Applied - A.A.S.

Accounting Technician - Certificate

Associate of Science - A.S.

Business, Applied - A.A.S.

Business Management, Applied - Certificate

Child Development and Family Studies - B.A.

Community Health - A.A.S. and Certificate

Early Childhood Education - A.A.S. and Certificate

Education - B.A., B.A.S., M.ED.

General Studies - A.A.

Human Services - A.A.S.

Information Technology Specialist - A.A.S. and Certificate

Rural Development - B.A., M.A.

Rural Human Services - Certificate

Renewable Resources - A.A.S.

Social Work - B.A.

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