Adjunct Faculty Opportunities

UAF Chukchi seeks local and/or regional professors! If you have a skill, work experience and better yet, a degree and want to teach, please contact us about opportunities.

An adjunct usually has formal education, credentials and practical work experience. While some subjects like math, English, and political science require advanced degrees (generally, a Masters or higher), other subjects (like Inupiaq language and arts, medical billing, and first aid) require less education like a certification or A.A.S. while other subjects like native arts & crafts, arctic survival, and hunting need no formal education at all.


How to Become an Adjunct

Step 1: Inquire about Adjunct Positions

Contact Wes Goodwin, 907-442-3400 x219 or email, about adjunct opportunities.

Step 2: Create Your Resume or Vitae

All adjuncts must submit a resume or curriculum vitae (a more complex type of resume for professional educators). Resumes must include:

  1. Your Name and Address
  2. Your Phone Number
  3. Your Email Address
  4. Education History (Include name of institution, major & degree received, and years attended)
    1. Include any degrees or certifications related to field you want to teach.
    2. Include contact information for each institution.
  5. Work History (include name of institution, work duties, and years employed)
    1. Work must adequate experience in field you seek to teach.
    2. Include ANY teaching, coaching, or other instruction experience to prove you can teach others.
  6. Three or more references (include name of reference, how known, email, and phone number)

Sample Resume:

Step 3: Create your Sample Syllabus

All adjuncts are required to submit a proposed syllabus for each class you seek to teach.

Learn to write a syllabus:

Syllabus template (use to make your own syllabus):

Step 4: Submit

  1. Submit all materials to Wes Goodwin at, including
    1. Resume or Vitae,
    2. Syllabus for each class,
    3. any other materials as requested.
  2. Maintain phone and email contact with Wes Goodwin. This process can take several months.

Adjuncts Needed

Please contact Wes Goodwin at if you are willing and qualified to teach any of these subjects. Subjects in bold represent required general education requirements for Cert, Associates, or Bachelors degree curriculum.

  • Applied Business (Math, Accounting, Keyboarding, Office Procedure, Bookkeeping, Human Relations, Business English)
  • Alaska Native Language (ANL 287)
  • Anthropology/Sociology (ANTH or SOC 100x)
  • Arctic Survival
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Communications (COMM 131x and 141x)
  • Construction Trades
  • CPR & First Aid
  • K-12 Education
  • Geology
  • History (History F100x)
  • Inupiaq language (Inupiaq Language Technician)
  • Inupiaq Arts & Crafts
  • Inupiaq Sewing
  • Math (Developmental Math, Business Math)
  • Medical Coding & Terminology
  • Nursing
  • Political Science (PS 100x)
  • Physics

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