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Information about Prerequisites for Enrollment in Chem 105X and Chem 106X, General Chemistry I and II

Enrollment in Chem 105X requires placement in ENGL F111X or higher; placement in MATH F107X or higher; or a B or better in CHEM F103X; or permission of instructor and department chair.

(These prerequisites were approved by Faculty Senate in December 2007, and are printed in the  UAF catalog.)

Placement in Math 107X requires a minimum SAT math score of 530 or ACT math score of 23, OR a grade of B or better in DEVM 105, OR C or better in DEVM 106.

Placement in English 111X requires minimum SAT critical reading score of 430 or ACT English score of 18 or better, OR C or better in DEVE 070. See pp. 33-34 of 2009-2010 UAF catalog for more details.

Student status regarding these prerequisites is checked automatically in UAF's database (Banner). If you have been blocked from registering, but you are sure you actually meet the requirements, contact the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry or one of the instructors.

Chem 105X and 106X are chemistry courses for science and engineering students that incorporate extensive use of algebra to describe chemical phenomena. Studies have shown that students with better mathematics preparation have a greater chance of success in introductory science courses that have significant mathematics content. The current prerequisites are our best estimate of the minimum required math background.

For more information contact professor John Keller ( , 474-6042).

Updated 7-24-10 JWK

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