Facilities and Resources

Faculty and students associated with the Program in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology are located either on UAF's West Ridge in the Arctic Health Research Building, West Ridge Research Building (WRRB), or the Paul B. Reichardt Building. The latter, formerly the Natural Sciences Facility, was recently renamed in honor of former Chemistry Department Chair, College dean, and UAF Provost Paul Reichardt. This 10-year-old $27 million building houses the Departments of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Geology, and Physics; it is located one block from Arctic Health.

See UAF's campus map for locations and images of these buildings. Locate the buildings on the web-based map as follows: Arctic Health (blue zone, E3); West Ridge Research Building (blue zone, D3); Reichardt Building (green zone, E6).

Major Facilities

  • Nucleic Acids Core Facility: The DNA Core Lab of the Institute of Arctic biology is supported by grants from the NIH, NSF, and others to provide shared-use biotechnology tools and support  for biological research. The facility maintains instrumentation for biomolecular analysis including robotic sample handlers, DNA sequencers (ABI 3100 and 3130xl), real time and end-point PCR thermal cyclers, fluorescence and absorbance readers, flow cytometry, and more. The Core Lab supports numerous diverse users from administrative units all over UAF as well as off campus groups.
  • Protein and peptide facilities. University labs are equipped for standard analyses of biomolecules including nuclear magnetic resonance (300-MHz), HPLC, capillary electrophoresis, corrected fluorescence, and FT-IR.
  • Computing and molecular graphics. Molecular visualization and modeling facilities are available on the Windows version of HyperChem molecular modeling program. The University of Alaska Fairbanks is also home to the Arctic Region Supercomputing Center where the Gaussian03 computing package is installed for research and teaching use.

Other University Resources

  • University facilities also include the Large Animal Research Station housing herds of reindeer and muskox, a colony of Arctic ground squirrels maintained under controlled conditions of light and temperature for the study of hibernation physiology, the Toolik Field Station located on Alaska's North Slope, the Water Research Center (concerned with hydrological, microbiological, and engineering aspects of Alaska's rivers and lakes), the Advanced Instrumentation Laboratory for high voltage scanning and transmission electon microscopy located in the Natural Science Facility, and a new all-season research greenhouse. Advanced fiber optic links support UAF's high speed access to the Internet.
  • Biosciences Library: This library in the Arctic Health Research Building contains substantial holdings in chemistry, biochemistry, biology and related fields. The library also provides access to national literature search and interlibrary loan services. The library is open daily.
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