Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

Chem 4503 Cr, FallGeneral Biochemistry - MacromoleculesProtein and nucleic acid structure and function, including regulation of gene expression in prokaryotic and eukaryotic systemsChem 322
Chem 4513 Cr, SpringGeneral Biochemistry - MetabolismChemistry of biomolecules with emphasis on bioenergetics and control of metabolic pathways via enzyme regulationChem 322
Chem 6213 Cr, Alt SpringEnzymology and Bio-Organic ChemistryApplication of the methods and concepts of physical organic chemistry to enzyme catalyzed reactionsChem 322
Chem 6223 Cr, Alt FallBiosynthesis of Plant Natural ProductsFocus on three major pathways of plant secondary metabolism. Use of NMR stressed.Chem 322
Chem 6543 Cr, Alt FallProtein Structure and FunctionContemporary topics in peptide and protein biochemistryChem 451
Chem 6573 Cr, Alt FallMolecular Foundations of Gene ExpressionThe molecular regulation of gene expression in prokaryotes and eukaryotes in the context of development and disease.Chem 451;  or permission of instructor
Chem 6743 Cr, Alt FallMembrane Biochemistry and BiophysicsMolecular processes associated with membrane mediated events in cellular physiology.Chem 451 or permission of instructor

Biology Course Offerings Related to Biochemistry

Biol 3034 Cr, FallPrinciples of Metabolism and BiochemistryIntroduction to metabolism at the molecular level.Biol 115X-116X, Chem 105X-106X
Biol 3424 Cr, SpringMicrobiologyMorphology and physiology of microorganismsBiol. 115X-116X, Chem 105X
Biol 3624 CrPrinciples of GeneticsPrinciples of inheritance; physicochemical properties of genetic systemsBiol 115X-116X, Chem 105X, Math 107X
Biol 417O/6173 Cr, Alt SpringNeurobiologyOrganization and function of vertebrate nervous systemBiol 310; Comm 113X or 141X

Biol 445/645
Chem 445/645
W, O

4 Cr, Alt FallMolecular EvolutionStructure, function, and evolution of hereditary moleculesBiol 362, Biol 481
Biol 453O/2
Chem 453O/2
4 Cr, Alt FallMolecular BiologyProkaryotic and eukaryotic gene function, including applications of recombinant DNA technologyBiol 303 or 362, or Chem 321; Comm 131X or 141X; or Perm of Instr.
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