Franta Majs

Dr. Majs' research involves characterization of environmentally relevant interfaces of minerals and contaminant metals occurring in soils, pathways of their alteration by chemical reactions, and speciation of the alteration products. Better understanding of the processes that take place at environmental interfaces enhances our understanding of fate, transport, and biogeochemical cycling of trace elements.

Analytical toolkit includes combination of in-house instruments such as XRD, AFM and SEM, and synchrotron based scattering and spectroscopic techniques. Results of his work contribute to achieving research goals of Trainor lab. Further, he contributes his expertise in support of the other lab members and general instrument users. For more information, please visit his website

B.S. 1996 Mendel University, Czech Republic (Soil Science)
M.S. 1999 Mendel University, Czech Republic (Agroecology)
M.S. 2003 University of Minnesota (Soil Science)
Ph.D. 2009 The University of Georgia (Environmental Soil Chemistry)

Majs, F. 2011. Sequential extraction of uranium and nickel from
phosphate amended sediment. Journal of Environmental Quality

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
University of Alaska Fairbanks
900 Yukon Drive, Room 194
Fairbanks, AK 99775-6160

1-907-474-7911 phone
1-907-474-5640 fax
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