Environmental chemistry examines chemical transformations in the environment with a focus on basic chemical processes and mechanisms. This includes the fields of: Atmospheric Chemistry, Water Chemistry, Aqueous Geochemistry, Soil Chemistry, Environmental Interface Chemistry, Environmental Microbiology, Contaminants, Biogeochemistry, Environmental Toxicology, and Green Chemistry. In this Alaska Environmental Chemistry Symposium, graduate and undergraduate students will present recent findings. The meeting is an opportunity for faculty and students to learn more about the field and research and long-term employment opportunities.

2018 Environmental Chemistry Symposium -- 7 April 2018

Save the date for the 2018 symposium, which is earlier than normal.  UAF decided to make "Springfest" not a classes-free holiday, so this year we are holding this on a Saturday!

2018 EChem Flyer

2017 Environmental Chemistry Symposium

We held the 3rd annual Environmental Chemistry Symposium on Friday, 21 April 2017 at the University of Alaska Museum of the North Auditorium. Our keynote speaker was Professor Joel Thornton, University of Washington, who presented "What happens to air pollution in the cold and dark?". We had many great presentations and chose the following awards:

  • Best Graduate Student Talk: Bridget Eckhardt
  • Most Inquisitive Questions (tie): Jen Chambers and Kristin Gagne
  • Best Undergraduate Poster: Jacob Sterle

The event program and abstracts are available from this link. See you next year at the symposium!

Information from the 2016 Environmental Chemistry Symposium

We had a great symposium this year.  The program and abstracts are available from this link.  The awards went to:

  • Best Graduate Student Talk: Tiffany Gatesman
  • Best Undergraduate Talk: Kyle Milke
  • Best Questions: Niki Jacobs

We also thank the career panelists:

  • Jen Wieland -- GeoTemps Career Placement Service
  • Kristen Freiburger -- Shannon and Wilson, Inc. Environmental Consultants
  • Robert Burgess -- Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation
  • William Simpson -- University of Alaska Fairbanks

Congratulations to all presenters and thanks to the organizing committee.  See you next year!

2016 EChem Symposium Participants

Participants in the 2016 Environmental Chemistry Symposium enjoying the fine springtime weather.  Thanks to Ryan for taking the photo.

Information from the 2015 Environmental Chemistry Symposium

The 2015 symposium was a great success; congratulations to the participants and faculty mentors.  You can download the book of abstracts and symposium schedule!


  • Amanda Barker -- Best Graduate Oral Presentation
  • Kyle Milke -- Best Undergraduate Oral Presentation 

  It was difficult to make these choices because there were so many excellent presentations, so congratulations to all.   We look forward to next year's symposium!

A photo of some of the participants from the symposium outside the conference venue (UA Museum of the North).  Thanks to Matt for taking the photo and Jenn for the camera.

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