Courses from 2014-2015 academic year

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Fall 2014





100 Chemistry in Complex Systems Whittle Syllabus
103 Basic General Chemistry Duffy Contact Instructor
105 General Chemistry I Evening Howard Contact Instructor
106 General Chemistry II Iceman Syllabus
212 Analytical Chemistry Hayes Syllabus
321 Organic Chemistry I Guerard Syllabus
331 Physical Chemistry I Simpson Syllabus
402 Inorganic Chemistry Howard Contact Instructor
434 Capstone Chemistry Laboratory Iceman Syllabus
450 General Biochemistry - Macromolecules Edmonds Syllabus
455 Environmental Toxicology O'Hara Syllabus
470 Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience Edmonds Syllabus
481 Seminar Green Syllabus
482 Seminar Green Syllabus
488 Research Kuhn Contact Instructor
601 Intro to Atmospheric Science Moelders Contact Instructor
605 Aquatic Chemistry Trainor Syllabus
655 Environmental Toxicology O'Hara Syllabus
670 Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience Edmonds Syllabus
688 Biochemistry Seminar Kuhn Contact Instructor
691 Research Presentation Techniques Trainor Moved to Spring 2015
692 Seminar Green Syllabus
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