CHEM 105 Textbooks

In Fall 2013, we adopted a new textbook and online homework system.  This book/homework is being used in all General Chemistry at UAF now.

You will need three things for General Chemistry I -- the textbook, online homework access, and an instant-response system, a clicker.  The first two (textbook and online homework system) are generally bundled together.

Textbook plus online homework system
The textbook for our course is "Chemistry, 11th Edition" by Chang and Goldsby.  It is a great book for university-level general chemistry with solid descriptions of chemical principles, excellent illustrations, and exciting real-world examples of how chemistry is used in studies of chemical behavior, biochemistry, biology, materials, engineering, the environment, and many more areas.  The book is integrated with an online homework system that will help you to practice chemical problems and tutors you immediately when problems occur.  The book is very well established as a standard text that matches well to nationally accepted topics of general chemistry.  The ISBN for the textbook by itself is 978-0073402680, but you will want to buy the book bundled with the online homework system.
The textbook is available in printed form (recommended), or as an "ebook" that is delievered through the online homework system.  If you intend to take Gen Chem II (Chem F106x), then the full textbook is probably the best option.  I personally think you should keep your textbook so that you can use the Chemistry knowledge in there (after you have read it and know where stuff is in the textbook).  Please match the ISBN number to verify you are getting the right textbook.  Some other books appear similar, even having the same cover, but they are things like the SSMI = "Student Solution Manual"). 
Your choices for textbook are: 
  • From the UAF bookstore, you can by a bundle of a loose-leaf (can be placed into a 3-ring binder) textbook for both Gen Chem I and Gen Chem II with "ConnectPlus" online homework system access.  The ISBN of this bundle is 978-0073398358, and it is called "General Chemistry (w/ConnectPlus Access Code) (Vs1&2) Edition: 11th" by the bookstore.  The cost on 2 Aug 2013 was $164. Remember--this cost covers both Chem F105x and F106x.


  • Direct from the publisher, you can purchase the same loose-leaf texbook that will be shipped to you (slight delay).  The link to the website with this option is below, and the cost on 2 Aug 2013 was $116 before shipping costs.  Please also note that there will be shipping delays.


  • If you can find a used version of the book or can read an online document or want to print it, you can use an e-book.  The e-book is provided as a part of of the "connect-plus" online homework system.  To use this option, you should log into your professor's Blackboard site for the course and link to the online homework system.  That link will then allow you to purchase the "connect-plus" system via a credit card.  Please note that "connect" (without "plus") does NOT provide an e-book and thus doesn't provide you with a book for the course.  Please do not use "connect" (without "plus") unless you have the book in some other form.
Instant response system (clicker)
An "instant response" system for in-class polling.  There are two choices: 
  • A ResponseCard RF radio frequency clicker (Turning Technologies) -- (ResponseCard RF or ResponseCard RF LCD) available at the bookstore ($42.50) or online.


  • If you have a smartphone, you can purchase a "Responseware" app.  The app needs an annual account activation, which you can get from  Use school code: UAFACCT for a discount ($15 for the year).  The bookstore also sells activation codes at $22.75 for the annual license or 12.75 for 6 months. 
ACS study guide for the final examination
We also highly recommend purchase of the American Chemical Society (ACS) study guide for the final examination.  The book is called "Preparing for Your ACS Examination in General Chemistry" by Eubanks and Eubanks.  This version has been around since 1998, and any printing can be used. This book will be used from the middle of the semester in getting ready for the final exam.  It has many practice problems in the style of the final exam, which is very similar to the style of the medical school, dental school, and engineering tests probing chemical knowledge.  The book can be found used from many places.  Its ISBN number is 978-0970804204.
Summary / Advice
I personally believe that having a printed textbook is very important.  If you were reading your textbook online and your twitter feed lights up, will you maintain focus to continue reading?  Learning difficult concepts needs focus, and a printed textbook really helps.  I realize that having multiple options is confusing, but we are actively trying to keep costs down.  We would appreciate your suggestions for ways to do so.
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