Counseling Services and Outreaches Available to Students

Professional Counseling Staff:

Bonnie Brody, LCSW, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Associate Director for Counseling

Stacey Schmitt, LSW, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Jolanda Cook, LCSW, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Jessica Rhoads, MS


For a Counseling appointment, please call 474-7043.

Included in the cost of the Health Center fee, students receive 6 counseling sessions per academic year at no charge. When those 6 sessions are exhausted, students can continue their counseling at a low cost of $15 per session.

What is counseling?
Counseling is a meeting with a mental health specialist to discuss some aspect of your personal or interpersonal life. It involves talking about and working through concerns and problems. Counseling can help you clarify personal issues and emotions, help you set goals, help improve relationships and help you free yourself of disturbing thoughts and feelings.

Why do students seek counseling?
Students come to counseling for help with a wide range of personal and interpersonal concerns. Some seek help with adjustment to college. Others are looking for ways of reducing conflict in or improving personal relationships. Concerns about suicidal thoughts, depression, stress, eating and body image, alcohol or other drugabuse, or problems resulting from sexual abuse are often issues discussed during counseling. Anyone experiencing domestic or relationship violence is strongly encouraged to talk with one of our counselors. Visit our Resources page for more information.

Depression and suicidal thoughts are serious problems. If you feel down, discouraged, tired all the time, "blue", or have trouble with your sleep or appetite, you may be depressed. Call for an appointment to see one our counselors. Talk with the counselor about how you feel and the counselor will help determine what the problem is and help you do something about it. If you feel suicidal or are thinking often about death or dying, talk with someone nearby right away (e.g. a residence hall advisor or professor) and come in to the Center immediately to get some help.

The American College Health Association recommends several on-line mental health screening instruments to assist students in recognizing mental health problems and seeking help.

Who is eligible to receive counseling at the Center?
Any student who has paid the Health Center Fee is eligible to use the counseling services. Counseling is available during Fall and Spring Semesters Monday - Friday from 8 am - 4:30 pm.

We have a Counselor available during Summer Session from 8 am - 1pm Monday -Thursday.  Closed on Fridays.

What are the costs/fees associated with counseling?
The Health Center Fee you paid at "fee payment" covers 6 counseling sessions per academic year. If you and your counselor see a need to meet more than that, there is a $15 charge per session after you have used the initial 6 visits.

Is counseling confidential?
What you talk about with your counselor is confidential within the limits of the Center's Notice of Privacy Practices. The records maintained at the Center are accessible only to Student Health and Counseling staff except as described by the Notice of Privacy Practices.

How do I get an appointment to see a counselor?
To make an appointment, call the Center at
474-7043 and request a counseling Intake Appointment. Counselors are on-duty 8 am - 5 pm, Monday to Friday. We will try to find the best match between your schedule and counselor duty hours. You will be asked to arrive early for your appointment to read the Notice of Privacy Practices and complete some paper work.

What can I do if I Have a Crisis?

During normal office hours (8 am - 5 pm, Monday to Friday) call the Student  Health and Counseling Center at 474-7043 and let us know that you need to be seen as soon as possible.    We will do everything we can to respond very quickly.    Usually a counselor can see a student within a few hours, and sometimes immediately.    

During the summer months our hours are Monday -Thursday, (8 am- 1 pm).  Closed on Fridays.

If you have a life-threatening emergency after normal office hours, you should call 911. If you have an emergency that is not life-threatening, contact your residence hall advisor or the police department. The Interior Alaska Center for Non-violent Living also sponsors a community hot-line 24 hours a day at (907) 452-2293.

Click here for our Center Brochure onHelping Students in Distress.

Click here for the National Suicide Prevention Resource Center
Click here for the Alaska Suicide Prevention Plan

What if I'm worried about someone else?
There may be times when you have concerns abut the depressed mood or distressed feelings or behavior of someone else - perhaps a roommate, a partner, a friend, a student in one of your classes or a student with whom you come in contact through some other means. Counselors provide consultation for students, faculty and staff who are concerned about a student. Depending on the situation, we may talk with you by phone or meet in person to discuss your concerns and help you try to assess how best to respond. This may include providing you with ideas for referring the student for professional care.


The UAF Student Health and Counseling Center now offers after-hours counseling services for students who need immediate mental health care.  The Center has employed a counseling service that has professional counselors on staff available to serve our students when we are closed which is evenings, weekends, and during university holidays.  To access the service, the student just needs to call our Center’s phone number, 474-7043 and follow the instructions for connecting to the service.

Rural Students, click on link for instructions on how to access after hours services:

You are invited!!

Learn ways to maintain healthy relationships and be more effective under stress

Where:  Student Health and Counseling Center, Room 210 Whitaker bldg, same building as fire and police

When:  Every Wednesday from 11:00 am - 12:00 pm (feel free to bring your lunch, refreshments will be available)

Everyone is Welcome!!  Please call Stacey Schmitt for more information 474-7043. 

Careline Crisis Intervention is Alaska's statewide crisis hotline

Calls are caring and confidential; services are available 24-hours a day.  452-4357 or 877-266-4357.  You can also visit their website at

Depression Screening Information Online Link that you can access:

Online Link that you can access at your convenience:
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