Contraception Information

Since the Student Health and Counseling Center is not a pharmacy and cannot act as a pharmacy, we cannot fill prescriptions from another clinic. It is necessary for students to make an appointment if they are interested in birth control methods or birth control counseling, or if it has been longer than a year since our clinic has seen you for any medication of this type.

What is emergency contraception?

Emergency contraception is a method of preventing pregnancy after unprotected sexual intercourse. It is for emergency use and should not be relied upon as a method of birth control. Emergency contraception is most effective if it is used as soon as possible after unprotected sex.

For more information:

If interested in starting birth control, please call to make a Contaception Counseling appt. 474-7043.

Student Health and Counseling carries a limited variety of birth control pills that can be discussed at this appointment. Other contraceptive methods listed below are also available.

NuvaRing is the trade name for a combined hormonal contraceptive vaginal ring that is available by prescription.

It is a flexible plastic ring that releases a low dose of a progestin and estrogen over three weeks. It is then removed for one week, during which the user will experience a menstrual period. The break week with NuvaRing is comparable to the placebo week for combined oral contraceptive pills ("the Pill"), and the contraceptive effect is maintained during this period. The benefits of the ring include:

  • once-a-month self-administered use offering convenience, ease of use and privacy (most users and most partners do not feel the ring, and of those who do, most do not object to it)
  • lower estrogen exposure than with combined oral contraceptive pills or the contraceptive patch Ortho Evra.
  • a low incidence of estrogenic side effects such as nausea and breast tenderness
  • a low incidence of irregular bleeding despite its lower estrogen dose 

Nuvaring is available at the Student Health Center; please make an appointment to get a prescription.

Diaphram fittings are done at the Health Center with an appointment.

Condoms are always available in the bathrooms or can be purchased.

When condoms are use properly, the risk of unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases are significantly reduced. 

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