UAF Student Health and Counseling Center

Health Fees

Health Center Fee is Not Insurance, What is the difference?

Health Center Fee:        *This fee is $110 per semester.  

  • This fee allows you to utilize UAF’s Student Health & Counseling Center. See the Student Health & Counseling Center pamphlet for a description of our services. 
  • 9 or more credits/semester (Fall/Spring): MANDATORY fee and will be automatically charged to your fee statement. For Summer Sessions: if you take 6 credits or more over the course of the summer, the fee is mandatory.*
  • 6-8 credits/semester (Fall/Spring): OPTIONAL (ask to have it added to your fees). For Summer Sessions, if you are taking less than 6 credits, you may use the health center for a bridge fee if you are enrolled in the upcoming fall semester for 6 or more credits and you were eligible for health center services in the preceding spring semester.
  • Less than 6 credits/semester (Fall/Spring) or Summer Sessions: NOT AVAILABLE unless you qualify for the summer bridge fee.
  • For students who are assessed the fee on a mandatory basis, the fee may be waived ONLY under certain circumstances (see your class schedule under Fees for more information). 
  • Please note that this fee is NOT a user fee – it is assessed to students as explained above and is not assessed based upon usage of the Health Center.
  • The health center fee is based on a student’s cumulative credit hours over the course of the summer. If a student plans to take a total of six credits or more during the summer, he/she is encouraged to register early in order to be able to take advantage of the health center during all the summer months.

Student Health Insurance Fee has to be manually added to your acount.

  • Health Insurance fee:       This fee is to provide you with medical insurance coverage if you don’t already have it. UAF contracts with a private insurer to provide a plan to eligible students. It operates similarly to other private insurance plans and is designed to cover basic outpatient, inpatient and prescription needs. See the plan booklet for more information.
  • Students taking 9 or more credits during Fall or Spring semesters: you are REQUIRED to carry some form of medical insurance coverage. There is no current requirement for students attending Summer Sessions but it is highly encouraged.
  • If you do not have insurance coverage and you are taking 9 credits or more during the Fall or Spring semester, you must purchase the Student Health Insurance plan. The fee WILL NOT be automatically added to your fee statement however. YOU MUST ASK to have this added to your fees.  
  • Students taking between 6-8 credits during the Fall or Spring semesters may purchase the student health insurance coverage on an optional basis.  Please contact the Business Office to have it added to your fees.
  • Students taking 6 credits or more during Summer Sessions may purchase the student insurance plan on an optional basis. Contact the Business Office to have it added to your fees.
  • Insurance can be purchased by the semester, year or for the spring/summer periods and must be paid through the Business Office. (For Distance Education or for continuing coverage, contact Margaret at 474-7043.) 
  • The student insurance plan is not available for students taking less than 6 credits during the Fall or Spring semesters or Summer Sessions.
  • All students purchasing the Student Health Insurance plan must also pay the Health Center fee.

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