To be eligible to receive services at the Student Health and Counseling Center, you must be a current student. Students must be taking at least 6 credit hours and pay the health center fee.

Students taking 9 credit hours or more on the main campus are automatically assessed $135 Health Center Fee for the fall and spring semesters. If you are taking less than 9 credits on the main campus and some are web based or CTC classes this fee is not assessed. You will need to add the fee to your account if you would like to receive medical or counseling services at the Student Health and Counseling Center. 

This fee is NOT insurance and does not provide any type of insurance coverage.

If you are taking between 6-8 credits, you can choose to pay the Health Center Fee on an optional basis.

The Health Center fee makes  students eligible to access the medical and counseling services provided at the Student Health and Counseling Center.  Minimal charges are incurred when medications, labs or supplies are provided, there is no office visit charge.

Six counseling sessions are provided at no charge per academic year.  After those 6 sessions have been exhausted, the fee is $15 per session.

Summer eligibility is 6 credit hours and a $70 Health Center fee. If you have graduated, you are no longer eligible to be seen or receive services from the Health and Counseling Center.

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