About Parent Concerns

Students can obtain vaccinations here at the Health Center after they arrive. We offer PPDs $10, MMR $90, tetanus $50, Meningitis $100 and HPV $175 if they need them.

If an exemption is needed, please find these forms on the FORMS web link

Other Vaccines available for students are flu shots, Hep A and B

HIPAA VS FERPA Knowing the difference can help if there is a medical emergency.
When your son/daughter sign a UIPAA compliant consent for release of information, it gives our facility the student's permission to share protected health information with parents. Without it, our Student Health and Counseling Center cannot provide you with any information in regards to medical, counseling or billing items in regards to your student.

Understanding HIPAA: 

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The FERPA consent form that parents sign at the Bursar's Office IS NOT a medical consent form.
What is FERPA? please access link below
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If your student is living on Campus, they should provide a copy of their health inventory and immunization record to the Student Health and Counseling Center.

Please see Forms in the left hand column to fill one out.

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