UAF Policies

The UAF Chancellor is authorized by the University of Alaska President and Board of Regents to implement rules and procedures as necessary to, among other things, promote operational efficiency, support the university’s mission, and reduce operational risks. A UAF policy must comply with Board of Regents’ policies and University regulations. In the event they would ever conflict, the order of priority is: BOR policies, University regulations, UAF policies.

The UAF Chancellor’s Cabinet is in the process of evaluating existing policies according to the Process for the Approval, Revision or Rescission of UAF Policies. Policies that cabinet deems to be obsolete or unnecessary may be rescinded; policies that should be retained may be revised; new policies may be adopted. Policies will be formally adopted using a consistent format and the final, approved policy will be posted to this webpage.

Who can propose a new UAF policy, revisions to an existing policy, or the rescission of a policy?

Faculty and staff employed through the UAF system, students enrolled at UAF, UAF governance bodies, and standing or ad hoc UAF advisory committees may propose the adoption, revision, or rescission of a UAF policy by following the procedures described in the process discussed above.

UAF Policy No.
Adoption/Revision Date
02.05.011Emergency Closure Policy11/09/2011
04.05.001Employee Recognition07/17/2009
04.07.010Required Training Attendance Policy 10/18/2010
05.09.001Animals in University Buildings and on University Property Policy09/20/2010
05.10.071Policy on Granting of Continuing Education Units (CEU)02/2011
05.10.072Policy on Co-Sponsored Credit or CEU Courses02/2011
05.14.031Fundraising Coordination Policy04/2011
09.05.011Teaching Assistantships and the Chancellor’s Tuition Account Policy03/08/2013
10.07.001Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Training06/08/2010
10.07.021Uniform Proposal Review Policy01/23/2012
10.07.091Attending Veterinarian & Veterinary Care01/28/2013
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