December 1, 2008

TO:    Chancellor's Cabinet, deans, directors, department heads, governance offices and statewide officers
CC:    UAF administrative assistants, public information officers listserv
FROM:    Chancellor Brian Rogers
SUBJECT:    Delegation of authority for communications


I hereby delegate and assign to Vice Chancellor Jake Poole and designees within Marketing and Communications the authority to serve as official spokespersons for the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Official communications, under my direction, from other administrative units should be coordinated with Jake and/or Marketing and Communications designees.

MC serves as the key communications arm for the Office of the Chancellor and UAF, and has oversight of institutional communications to include internal communication, media relations and crisis communication.

I ask that release of information at the college, school and institute level, via information officers, be coordinated with MC public information/media relations staff. MC will coordinate with statewide Public Affairs and General Counsel on issues as needed.

The crisis communication plan includes release of information procedures that are located at

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