Reward the people you value

Nominations accepted through March 23, 2018

It just takes a few minutes  to recognize staff who show commitment to the university throughout the year.

Nominations are encouraged and accepted from peers, supervisors, customers, stakeholders, students, faculty, other academic, administrative, support, sponsored research and service staff, who have a working relationship with the nominee.


The Audrey Loftus story

In the mid–fifties a construction company clearing land for the Bunnell Building hauled the university cornerstone off with other construction debris. When Audrey Loftus, a staff member at the time, learned that the cornerstone was missing she explained to the construction company why it was so important that it be returned to its original spot.

"The cornerstone was the heart of the university. When it was put there it was not the cornerstone of a building. Judge Wickersham put it there as the cornerstone of the university itself," said Loftus during an interview in 1993.

The cornerstone was returned and rededicated in 1962; It still stands in front of the Bunnell Building today.

During her time at UAF, Loftus was a sort of cornerstone for the university as well. She built the foundation for what would later become Career Services, the UA Foundation and the UAF Alumni Association.

There are many employees at UAF, who, like Audrey Loftus, understand the importance of the university's past and are working tirelessly today with an eye toward the future.

The Chancellor's Cornerstone Award is one way to recognize their efforts.

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