UAF Advocacy Committee

The purpose of the UAF Advocacy Committee is to advocate, support, enhance, facilitate, prosper, collaborate, and showcase the value and impact of the University of Alaska Fairbanks to the local community, the State of Alaska, and the nation. To conduct outreach in areas deemed important by the Chancellor to elected and appointed officials, business representatives, civic and community leaders, the media, and the general public.

The Committee will be comprised of approximately 8 to 15 members selected by the Chancellor. The members are expected to attend 3 or 4 times administrative update meetings annually and selected monthly site visits to organizations, programs, facilities, and events.

A UAF staff person will assist the committee as required; typically to establish the date-time-location of meetings and assist with preparation of an agenda. A quorum and formal minutes of a meeting are not required.

  • Chair Joan Johnson, Span Alaska
  • Anne Biberman, Fairbanks Concert Association
  • Roger Burggraf, Tri-Con Mining and Happy Hill Mining Company
  • Jim Dodson, Fairbanks Economic Development Corporation
  • Jack Hebert, Cold Climate Housing Research Center
  • Steve Lundgren, Denali State Bank
  • Sue Rainey, Riverview Realty
  • John Ringstad, BP; School District
  • Paul Robinson, Robinson & Ward, PC
  • Jean Tsigonis, Tanana Valley Clinic
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