Fairbanks Community Advisory Council

The Chancellor’s Fairbanks Community Advisory Council has been established for the purpose of making a closer connection to the pulse of the greater Fairbanks region, addressing 'community engagement' between Fairbanks and the UAF campus. The charge to the advisory council is to lend advice to the Chancellor, raising issues important to the stakeholders, and fostering a sense of two-way involvement with the Fairbanks community.

  • Roger Burggraf, Tri-Con Mining and Happy Hill Mining Company
  • Jim Dodson, Fairbanks Economic Development Corporation
  • Emily Ennis, Fairbanks Resource Agency
  • Kyong Hollen, Santina's Flowers
  • Jack Hebert, Cold Climate Housing Research Center
  • Joan Johnson, Pacific Alaska Freightways
  • Steve Lundgren, Denali State Bank
  • Jim Lynch, Fairbanks Memorial Hospital and Denali Center
  • Sue Rainey, Riverview Realty
  • John Ringstad, BP; School District
  • Paul Robinson, Robinson & Associates
  • Margaret Russell, Seekins Ford
  • Jim Sampson, retired
  • Jean Tsigonis, Tanana Valley Clinic
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