Biological Oceanography

  Amchitka Technical Support
  Arctic Ecosystem Integrated Survey
  Arctic Marine Biodiversity Observing Network (AMBON)
Chukchi Sea Environmental Studies Program
  Chukchi Sea Environmental Studies Program: Benthic Ecology

COMIDA: Chukchi Sea Offshore Monitoring in Drilling Area: Epibenthic communities on and around Hanna Shoal

This project is describing the temporal and spatial variation of epibenthic organisms in the northern Chukchi Sea, particularly those around Hanna Shoal.

Growth and dispersal of early life history stages of Arctic cod and saffron cod under variable climate forcing

Developing an individual-based model on the growth and dispersal of early life history stages of Arctic cod and saffron cod for the Pacific Arctic

Mapping the Uncharted Diversity of Arctic Marine Microbes

This project uses environmental sequencing to examine microbial communities associated with sea ice and benthic habitats in the Arctic.

  NE Chukchi Sea AKMAP
  NE Chukchi Sea Moored Ecosystem Observatory
  OCE-RIG: Implementation of Advanced Underwater Optical Instrumentation for the Study of Marine Particle Dynamics in the Arctic Ocean
  Port Valdez Environmental Studies Program
  Resilience and adaptive capacity of arctic marine systems under a changing climate (RACArctic)
  Synthesis and retrospective analysis of zooplankton communities for assessing the impact of environmental change in the Arctic Ocean
The Chukchi Borderlands Unexplored Seafloor Communities
Tracing sea ice algae in Arctic benthic food webs using the sea ice diatom biomarker IP25
  US-Canada Trans-boundary Fish and Lower Trophic Communities; Oceanography Component
  Variability in particle size distributions, sinking velocities, and fluxes in the northern Gulf of Alaska
  Watching Walrus


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