CFOS Students

James Kelly

M.S. StudentOceanography
(907) 474-7289
Oklahoma State University
B.S. (Physics)
K. I. Martini, M. H. Alford, E. Kunze, S. M. Kelly and J. D. Nash. 2013. Internal Bores and Breaking Internal Tides on the Oregon Continental Slope Journal of Physical Oceanography. 43(1):120-139.

Moran, S.B., M.W. Lomas, R.P. Kelly, K. Iken, R. Gradinger and J.T. Mathis. 2012. Seasonal succession of net primary productivity, particulate organic carbon export, and autotrophic community composition in the eastern Bering Sea. Deep-Sea Research II. 65-70:84-97. doi:

S. Smiley and P. Bechtel. 2011. Land and Environment in the North. Fisheries Ed. A. Duffy, L. Duffy, J. Kelly and K. Erickson. Center Cross Cultural Studies, University Alaska Fairbanks,

Research Overview
Simply, the goal is to estimate the mass transport of the Alaska Coastal Current from physical properties such as current velocity, wind and sea level height.
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