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picture of Jenell Larsen

Jenell Larsen

M.S. Student

Jacksonville University
B.S. (Marine Biology)
Assessing the reproductive capacity of female Pacific walruses (Odobenus rosmarus divergens) through long-term monitoring projects
  • Fisheries
Research Overview
Current Research Projects: My thesis work involves assessing changes in the reproductive capacity of female Pacific walruses over a span of 40 years. I am using a physiological approach that involves gross dissections on the ovaries and reproductive tracts of walruses that have been harvested by Alaska Native Subsistence hunters and collected by US Fish and Wildlife Service’s Walrus Harvest Monitoring Program. The overall goal of this study is to further our understanding of the reproduction of this difficult-to-study species. Results of this project will shed light on changes in the Bering and Chukchi Seas ecosystems and will be of importance to both managers and coastal Alaska Native communities.
Awards / Honors
  • North Pacific Research Board Graduate Student Research Award
  • Rasmuson Fisheries Research Fellowship,
  • Resilience and Adaptation Fellowship
  • UAF’s Resilience and Adaptation Program
  • Society for Marine Mammalogy
  • American Fisheries Society
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