Baird, Doug

Seward Marine Center

Port Captain

Barile (née Erikson), Christina

CFOS Fiscal Office - Grant Technician

Belmont , Sarah

Assistant to the Dean, College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences

Bodi, Laurinda

Kodiak - Building Coordinator

Borland, Tara

Sea Grant Program Manager

Bradley, Beverly

Marine Advisory Program Coordinator

Brooks, Chris

IT Support Administrator Juneau

Chryss, Mark

Port Engineer

Church, Patrick

CFOS Fiscal Office - Grant Technician

de Castro, Ed


Dobbyn, Paula

Sea Grant Communications Manager

Elhard, Jennifer

Facility and Office Manager

Frandsen, Michele

Sea Grant Research Coordinator

Frisch, Lauren

Public Information Officer

Geagel, Connie

Kasitsna Bay/Seldovia - Lab Administrator

Geagel, Mike

Kasitsna Bay/Seldovia - NOAA Site Manager

Hameister, Barb

Communications Specialist II

Hamilton, Robbie

IMS - Fiscal Technician

Harris, Jennifer

Executive Officer

Hartz, Steve

Seward Marine Center - Facility Technician

Hazelton, Gabrielle

Juneau Fisheries Division - Administrative Manager

Holzmueller, Leann

CFOS Fiscal Office - Grant Technician

Hopcroft, Cheryl

Research Staff

Marine Invertebrates
Biological Oceanography

Hughes, Claire

Student Assistant

Jeffery, Jared

Sea Grant Fiscal Coordinator

Kaynor, Carol

Sea Grant Communications Specialist

Keller, Sue

Sea Grant Publications Manager

Konar, Brenda

Associate Dean of Research and Administration Director

Institute of Marine Science Director

Coastal Marine Institute Director


Marine Biology
Marine Invertebrates
Marine Plants
Scientific Diving

Leech, David

Seward Marine Center - Oceanographic Moorings

Lepley, Christina

HR Coordinator

Lonergan, Scott

IT Support Administrator Fairbanks

Montano, Dawn

Sea Grant Publications Specialist

Partee, Dave

Sea Grant Communications Specialist & Web/Database Developer

Pedersen, Hans

Kasitsna Bay/Seldovia - UAF Site Manager

Pedersen, Layla

Kasitsna Bay/Seldovia - Volunteer and Mom

Philip, Magali

Temporary - Part Time, Web Technician

Piechocki, Tracy

IT Student Technician

Post, Ruth

Coastal Marine Institute - Program Manager

Powers, Lawrence

Facility Support Services Lena Point Facility

Rivera, Patricia

Safety & Facilities Coordinator

Rose, Astrid

Kodiak - Program Coordinator

MAP Program Assistant

Rupe, Wendy

R/V Sikuliaq Service Center Manager

CFOS Fiscal Office - Financial Manager

Schimmack, Terri

Sea Grant Administrative Assistant

Shipton, Peter

Seward Marine Center - Oceanographic Moorings

Simonson, Jeffrey

IT Support Administrator Fairbanks

Spanos, Sarah

Procurement Coordinator

Stein, Murray

Marine Superintendent and Director, Seward Marine Center

Stockmar, Elizabeth

Research Staff

Marine Invertebrates

Sutton, Christina

Academic Manager

Sutton, Trent

Associate Dean of Academics Programs


Fisheries and Conservation
Fisheries Ecology
Fishery Management

Swanson, Marc

Temporary Admin Research Coordinator

Thompson, Teresa

Development Officer

Whitledge, Terry

R/V Sikuliaq Principal Investigator UAF Campus

Wuoti, Karl

Juneau Fisheries Division - Fiscal Technician

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