Product Testing & Nutrition Labeling Services

Test Kitchen and KSMSC Laboratory Fees (February 2015)

Chemistry                                                  $ per sample                  Time to data               Send report
Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD)                        100                                1 day                       2nd day
Moisture content (%)                                            25                                2 days                      3rd day
Paralytic shellfish toxin                                         250                              2 days                      3rd day              (ELISA screen - minimum of three samples)
pH                                                                       20                                1 day                        2nd day
Salt content (%)                                                   30                                1 day                        2nd day
Water-phase salt (% WPS)                                   50                                2 days                       3rd day
Water activity (aW)                                               10                                1 day                         2nd day

Microbiology                                               $ per sample                   Time to data            Send report
Aerobic plate count                                                50                                3 days                      4th day             (Colony Forming Units/g)
Bacterial species identification                                250                              5 days                       1 week
Coliform, confirmed (Most Probable Number/g)         75                                4 days                       5th day
Escherichia coli (Most Probable Number/g)              100                              5 days                       1 week    
Listeria species                                                      75                               4 days                       5th day            (presence or absence per 25 g)
Listeria monocytogenes                                         100                              5 days                       1 week             (presence or absence per 25 g)
Molds and Yeasts (Colony-Forming Units/g)              50                                3 days                       4th day
Salmonella species                                                100                              5 days                       1 week            (presence or absence per 25 g)
Staphylococcus aureus                                          100                               5 days                       1 week             (Most Probable Number/g)
Vibrio parahaemolyticus                                         100                               5 days                       1 week           (presence or absence per 25 g)

HACCP consultation                                                     based on pre-arranged agreement
Nutritional label                                                   150/label                          5 days                        1 week
Product development                                                     based on pre-arranged agreement
Sanitation plans (basic)                                                 based on pre-arranged agreement
Temperature distribution (smokehouses)                300/day                            5 days                        1 week


Product Testing & Nutrition Labels

For more information on pH in foods, please visit the FDA guidance documents on acidified and low acid canned foods.

To requested water activity or pH testing, please fill out this form. Once the form has been submitted, you will be contacted within three business days with instructions on how to proceed.

Nutrition Labels

Processing time: up to 4 weeks
Cost: $150.00 per label for new products and $40.00 label for revised labels.

Please submit this form for nutrition labels.

Product labeling assistance

Please contact Roxie Dinstel if you have questions or need assistance with your label

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