Pest Identification Services

What IS this thing?!

Curious about what's popping up in your yard or kitchen?

You can call your local UAF Extension office and fill out a plant or insect identification request form. An experienced agent will take a look at the physical specimen you bring in (inanimate and confined to a plastic baggie) and consult you as to what it is and what you can do about it.

Check out the Citizen Monitoring Portal (CMP): Volunteer citizen scientists are encouraged to submit requests and photos regarding insects, plants or diseases in their local areas.

Please also browse our online invasive plant profiles for photos and descriptions of common noxious weeds.


Please visit the Extension catalog for a full listing of all our pest-related publications.


Stephen Brown, Palmer 
Phone: 907-745-3639
Janice Chumley, Kenai Peninsula
IPM Program Aide
Phone: 907-262-5824
Darcy Etcheverry, Fairbanks
IPM Program Aide
Phone 907-474-2422
Gino Graziano, Anchorage
IPM Instructor
Phone: 907-786-6315
Jessie Moan, Anchorage
IPM Technician
Phone 907-786-6309
Julie Riley, Anchorage
Phone: 907-786-6306
Darren Snyder, Juneau
Phone: 907-796-6281
You can also Ask an Alaska expert or visit our national partner page and Ask an eXtension expert

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