Knotweed registration

What is your reason for taking the course? Choose one or more options.

Rank your knowledge (0-4) of knotweed identification and control.

0 = None
1 = Some (I am generally aware of knotweed, but do not know specific techniques for control)
2 = Moderate (I can usually identify knotweed, and know some techniques for knotweed control)
3 =  More (I can identify knotweed, and know control techniques)
4 = Expert (I can identify knotweed, differentiating it from plants that look similar, and I provide advice to others on controlling knotweed)

Rank your experience (0-3) implementing knotweed control.

0 =  None
1 =  Some (I have managed knotweed, but never implemented a plan to eradicate it from a given area)
2 =  Moderate (I have developed a management plan and/or implemented a management plan with varying success)
3 = Expert (I have developed and implemented management plans that used multiple management techniques successfully)

Rank your comfort (0-3) in making knotweed management decisions.

0 = Uncomfortable
1 = Comfortable with technical support (I know the approach, but need assistane selecting techniques and timing)
2 = Fairly comfortable (I know the approach, and how to research techniques and timing)
3 = Extremely comfortable (I can recommend techniques, and timing for management)

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