Aminopyralid and clopyralid registration

What is your reason for taking this course? Choose one or more options.

Rank your knowledge (0-4) of chemical residuals from herbicides.

0 = none
1 = Some (I am generally aware of the issue, but do not know which chemicals have residual properties)
2 = Moderate (I am generally aware of the issues, and know some chemicals that have residual properties)
3 = More (I know which chemicals have residual properties, and I am familiar with associated restrictions)
4 = Expert (I have taught the chemistry and movement of residuals in the environment, and the associated restrictions) 

Rank your comfort level (0-3) in using herbicides with residual properties.

0 = Uncomfortable
1 = Comfortable with technical support (I know restrictions exist, and need help interpreting label restrictions)
2 = Farily comfrotable (I know restriction exist and how to interpret those label restrictions)
3 = Extremely comfortable (I can advise others on implementing label restrictions)

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