Alaska Wood Energy Conference 2014 Field Trip Opportunity

Prior to the conference we are offering a one-day field trip on Tuesday, April 15. Please register for the field trip when you register for the conference if you intend to participate. Space is limited to 30 participants.

Participants will obtain a box lunch prior to boarding the bus at the Westmark Hotel. Boarding will be at 10:30 and we will travel to:

1. Superior Pellet Fuels in nearby North Pole: Our tour will be from 11:00 am through approximately 12:30 pm. We will view the current products and wood flow from log to pellet and be introduced to Superior’s most recent product, their new Pellet Log. Superior is testing and beginning to manufacture this exciting new product in Alaska. Participants will see their new and updated equipment and recent material streaming processes as logs, saw dust and wood chips are processed into pellets and pellet logs. We will observe their improved product delivery systems, log transportation and storage facilities. Participants will note changes in yard organization, pellet sales and their recent bulk pellet delivery system. New timber species have also been added expanding their utilization of available local timber as they developed the new Pellet Log.

2. Wood Brothers Firewood is our second stop also in the North Pole area. We will eat our box lunch in the bus prior to this tour which will start at approximately 1:30 pm. The Wood Brothers Firewood Company is an innovative leader and provider of cord wood/firewood in the Fairbanks and North Star Borough area. They have become a major supplier of green split as well as specializing in cured split and seasoned firewood obtained from within a 200 mile radius of Fairbanks. Providing a readily available source of cured firewood helps meet the expanding market in that direction, as more customers choose to responsibly deal with the air pollution problem while utilizing the most cost and resource efficient fuel wood available. The Conference participants will be able to track their development and future vision as they meet the needs of this rapidly expanding cord wood market with new and improved firewood/chunk wood producing equipment that is second to none in Interior Alaska.

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