Fairbanks State Office - 4-H & Youth Development

CES Building, PO Box 756180, Fairbanks, AK 99775-6180, 907-474-5139 FAX

The Alaska 4-H program reaches thousands of young Alaskans. The youth learn a wide range of life skills while enjoying their activities. As with Alaska's other Extension programs, district agents maintain the programs in their communities. Reporting to the state office is the 4-H specialist who runs the extremely popular fisheries program. The 4-H state office also administers a multi-million dollar world wide program operating youth programs on some 50 U.S. Army posts.  

Kendra Calhoun907-474-5420klcalhoun@alaska.edu4H & Youth Development
Candi Dierenfield      907-474-1909cldierenfield@alaska.edu4-H Agent, OMK
Deb Jones907-474-6356deb.jones@alaska.edu 4-H Program Leader
Sarah Marshall907-474-7180snmarshall@alaska.eduAdministrative Assistant
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