What classes are being offered in your area? Here are three ways to find out.

Check out our calendars

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Check the home page and calendar for the district you reside in or wish to visit. Here are links for the various districts that maintain public calendars, along with a phone number in case you have any questions.

Anchorage, 907-786-6300      Main Calendar (all combined)

Fairbanks, 907-474-1530        Mat-Su, 907-745-3360

Get social

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Our program personnel sometimes offer classes on special topics, or we pair with experts from other disciplines to bring you information about barley, mushrooms, chickens, forest biomass, making baby food, managing your finances and more! Visit our Facebook pages for flyers. A complete list of our social media efforts can be found at www.uaf.edu/ces/media/

Visit our store

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Is it a training or class with a fee? Check our list of fee-based classes online, where you can pay with a credit card. Topics vary seasonally, and include Master Gardener classes, Pesticide Safety trainings, Certified Food Protection Manager trainings, economic development workshops and more. Please note the physical location of the class, as we visit many locations across the state and videoconferencing is not always available.

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