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Million Solar Roofs Initiative Proposal. This is a draft of our second year proposal to fund the Million Solar Roofs Initiative. This proposal includes our plan of action for FY2002.

PV-BASIC DESIGN. The first basic photovoltaic design/installation pamphlet produced by Cooperative Extension for use in the Million Solar Roofs Coalition work. This is a fairly detailed document and it is based on an EREC/Department of Energy web document, which has been customized for Alaskan use. Please review and make suggestions for improvement. Another publication, "Photovoltaic Systems for Residences" will also soon be available for review.

Photovalic systems for Alaskan Homes. This document contains basic information on solar electric systems for homes.

Extension Publications:

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Research Report on Alternative Energy & Solar in Alaska Statutes & Administrative Code

Here is the summary of what was uncovered by Cary Bolling, Coalition member. This may be downloaded in its entirety in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) here.
The statutes refer to:

  1. The University of Alaska is mandated to offer professional education programs on alternative energy and solar.
  2. The Department of Transportation and Public Facilities being required to perform energy audits of public facilities and recommendations for improvements which may include measures involving solar technology and other alternative energy systems.
  3. An alternative energy revolving loan fund under the Department of Community and Economic Development being established to be used to develop means of energy production which includes solar energy devices.
  4. The financing of energy efficient homes and buildings shall take into consideration the economic benefits of alternative energy systems, when financing homes and buildings with state financial assistance.
  5. Mechanical contractors and mechanical administrators must follow the Uniform Solar Energy Code.
  6. Establishment of the Alaska State Climate Center within the University of Alaska to conduct research activities on the availability of solar.
  7. The state plumbing code use of 1997 edition of the Uniform Solar Energy Code.
  8. Solar easements.
  9. Loans for the Power Project Fund may include solar.

The administrative code refers to:

  1. Alternative energy loan requirements being repealed
  2. Plumbing standards following the Uniform Solar Energy Code
  3. Mechanical administrator license holders working on commercial and industrial solar energy systems
  4. Alaska Housing Finance Corporation loan programs allowing solar and alternative energy systems (refinance and second mortgage for home improvements)
  5. Alternative energy loan regulations under the Department of Community and Economic Development (with loan requirements being repealed (see 1 above)
  6. Alternative energy income credit for corporations being repealed.

There are some things on the books which are dormant or not being funded, and other opportunities.
Cary Bolling
Energy Information Library, AHFC
1(800) 478-4636

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