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Federally Recognized Tribes Extension Program of Tanana Chiefs Conference Advisory Council Members

1. Ed Sarten

Natural Resources Director
PO Box 210
Ruby, AK 99768
Phone: 907-468-4479

Term: 2007-2010

Background: Ed Sarten of Ruby is involved in a plethora of Natural Resources projects ranging from Fisheries management to community gardening. Ed is an agriculture enthusiast and raises bees, chickens, ducks, worms, and of course, vegetables.

3. Patricia Young

Tetlin Environmental Program
Tetlin Village Council
PO Box 797
Tok, Alaska 99780
Phone: 907-883-1268
Fax: 907-883-1267

Term: 2009-2012

Background: Patricia Young has been tireless in helping Tetlin become more Environmentally conscious as well as self-sufficient. Patricia recently organized an Ethnobotany workshop with the Tetlin National Wildlife Refuge, in conjunction with a gardening workshop that was taught.

2. Patrick Smith, Jr.,

Past 1st Chief of Minto
PO Box 67
Minto, AK 99758
Phone: 907-798-7355
Fax: 907-798-7627

Term: 2009-2012

Background: As past Chief of Minto, Patrick has been involved in many projects, one of which has included a community garden. Patrick is currently serving on two Extension Advisory committees: Statewide Extension and the Tanana Chiefs Conference Extension Program.

4. Ed Alexandar

English Teacher at:
Arctic Village School
PO Box 22049
Arctic Village, AK 99722
Phone: 907-587-5211

Term: 2009-2012

Background: Ed is a phenomenal school teacher whose passion for the Gwich’in language is evident. Ed is from Ft. Yukon and has taught in Arctic Village for the past year. Ed’s knowledge on reaching out to the youth in the TCC region is very valuable to the TCC/UAF FRTEP Youth Development projects.

5. Janet Bifelt

Tribal Administrator for Hudotl’eekkaak’e tribe
PO Box 45029
Hughes, AK 99745
Phone: 907-889-2239

Term: 2010-2013

Background: Janet is a catalyst for positive change in her community and is involved in a wide diversity of projects that benefit her community.

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