Master Gardener Demonstration Garden

In l994, a demonstration garden was added to the Master Gardener volunteer training program in Fairbanks, Alaska. The garden, located at the fairgrounds, is used as an educational tool for the class and for individuals attending the Tanana Valley State Fair. 

The Tanana Valley State Fair has an annual attendance of approximately 120,000. It offers an opportunity to reach a large number of individuals in a short period of time.

Master Gardeners help design, plant and care for the garden. The selected design represented a typical single-family garden. During the state fair in August, Master Gardeners provide an information booth to answer questions about gardening. 

Home gardens are important to the economy and lifestyle of Alaskans. Growing vegetables and flowers is a hobby enjoyed by both old-timers and newcomers in the Far North. The prolific and colorful blossoms and the rapid plant growth delight gardeners during the long summer days.

Because of the long summer days and cold soils, many popular vegetable varieties do not perform well in Alaska. To ensure success, choose varieties that have been tested in and recommended for Alaska. These are listed in the Recommended Variety List.

Once the right varieties are planted it is important to use way to warm the soil.

Raised bed, covering the beds with clear and or IRT plastic and row cover are a few of the commonly used methods.

Check out the Extension publications website for additional information and ideas.

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