ANEP Classes

Classes and workshops are interactive and the programs can be delivered through group or individual classes. Classes may be 30 minutes to 2 hours in length and are best offered in a series of 4-6 lessons. Depending on the availability of resources provided by the partner agency, food demonstrations and hands-on food-related activities may be part of the class. All of our programming is available in English. Translators may be available as well.

  •         My Plate
  •         Heart Healthy Eating
  •         Whole Grains
  •         Physical Activity
  •         Fruits and Vegetables
  •         Menu Planning
  •         Grocery Shopping
  •         Basic Cooking
  •         Food Safety
  •         Portion Control
  •         Think Your Drink
  •           Protein
  •           Saving Money on Food
  •           Fats and Oils
  •           Nutrition and Children
  •           Healthy Snacks
  •           Reducing Salt and Sugar
  •           Beans and Legumes
  •           Cooking with Kids
  •           Creative Cooking with Leftovers
  •           Energy Drinks
  •           Timesavers and Pantry Meals

Eating healthy does not need to be expensive. "Save money by eating healthy" is the key message for all clients. The program focuses on budgeting food dollars and basic nutrition education. Many times people believe that eating healthy is expensive; however this is not true. ANEP teaches people skills and strategies to make healthy eating affordable through interactive classes, workshops, and presentations. Participants are equipped with basic nutritional knowledge and basic financial literacy so that they are able to make healthy food choices within a limited budget.

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